Few Tips to First Time Visiting to Barcelona


If you are a foodie then you must definitely visit Barcelona where you can get the opportunity to eat the best food available in the world.  Throughout the year the weather remains beautiful. You will find lots of bars and cafes to eat and drink. If you are fond of art or architecture then you will get the best treat as you will find Gothic towers, exuberant work of Gaudi, Parisian boulevards and also modern graffiti that is sprayed all over medieval arches.

Besides that, there are great beaches surrounded with bars and restaurants where plenty of festivals are organised throughout the year. However, if you are first time visitor then there are few things for you to know so that your visit to new is enjoyable.

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Following are few tips for the first-time visitors to Barcelona:

Avoid spending too much time at Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is a well-known place, where most of the crowd usually visit first. You will surely find lots of cafes and street performers to entertain you. However, this place is too crowded most of the day. Also, the foods available are too costly and also not too good to eat. Therefore, you must not spend too much time here but move to some other sight-seeing place.

Prefer to go for free walking tour

Most of the first-time visitors often prefer paid walking tours as their travel agents insist them to buy it. However, it is not at all worth buying such paid walking tours. Rather you choose free walking tours which are much better than paid walking tour option. You will get very good guide who will be friendly and will also guide you properly and they will be happy with your small tip. However, you must surely go for this walking tour.

Book your ticket for Sagrada Familia before you proceed to Barcelona

This place is too crowded and therefore you must buy the entry ticket online before you arrive at Barcelona. If you try to buy ticket by standing in the long queue then your whole day will be wasted and perhaps you may get the entry ticket for the day after tomorrow or maybe even later. Therefore, the best thing to do is advance booking online.

Try to eat with locals

When you are in Barcelona then you must maintain the timings of your food as per the locals. They prefer late lunch and in fact, you get best food during that hour only. If you go too early then you will get very limited choices.

Don’t Choose taxi

Public transport is pretty cheap over here and you can get lots of discounts if you buy 10 tickets instead of buying single tickets. There is no point in hiring taxis and pay much higher taxi fare.

Book to see Park Guell during sunset

Park Guell is one of the well-known landmarks of the Barcelona but you will get its best view if you visit during sunset. Therefore, try to book the ticket in advance for this time to avoid disappointment.

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