Conference centre venues


When it comes to holding an event for companies, one of the most critical factors is the location of the conference centre.

First impressions govern our subconscious today, and although we strive to diminish this primeval impact, we are victims of it over and over again. First impressions count a lot. So the stage of an event has to reach our audience from the very beginning.


Size does matter, when we refer to the dimensions of the scenario of our event one of the factors to take into account is the dimensions of it.

A large stage is advisable for those events that are attended by many guests, bring importance to the speakers, and serve as a focal point of the fact, where all the attention and attention of the attendees will be directed. However, it’s also interesting to set up a smaller stage, even something as simple as a lectern can be useful. In this case, the event has a more intimate and open atmosphere for the participation of all the guests.


The way to illuminate an event is the way to generate the atmosphere we want to show.

Lighting is responsible for creating sensations, perceptions, and emotions in an event. It is what makes an environment warm, welcoming, sober and even pleasant or cold. Moreover, it is a factor that carries much subjectivity because it directly affects the unconscious. Depending on how space is lit, its impression and impact will be different.


It is one of the most determining factors when choosing a space and is often used as a first filter. It is a matter of finding a place of sufficient size to comfortably accommodate all the guests, without crowds, but also avoiding oversized spaces, as they can convey a negative image of your event (low attendance, coldness, etc.).

The renowned VenueFinder brand offers the best conference centres to host all types of events for your personal or business benefit, with optimal quality of the organisation’s logistics.


The digital age has destroyed everything, changing processes and favouring communication with the user. In the sector of event organisation for companies, this technology is also essential, as it has become a key player in the development of any event and is vital in the before, during, and after any corporate event.

The evolution of technology has been very remarkable in recent years. The existing equipment, applications and audio-visual solutions that can be part of your event are multiple. The aim is to offer this and the added value to both the attendees and the organisation. Creativity and originality are also achieved through this technology, and the results are incredibly striking.


When it comes to choosing the venue for the event, the options can be endless. Each event has different needs and budget, but what is clear is that the site chosen is one of the vital factors in the success or failure of an event.

An excellent choice of venue for the event can become a good souvenir for the attendees that favours word of mouth, in the news, achieving greater dissemination and communicating with it who the company is to do the work, the investment and, above all, the image profitable.

For example, there are many places around the Costa Blanca where, in addition to attending a convention, corporate event or professional talk, guests can enjoy the leisure and cultural venues located in the town where they are staying. Grand Luxor Hotels fulfils these superior characteristics, located in the city of Benidorm synonymous with good weather and fun for everyone.

Take care of all the details. An event is not just the speeches, and it is also space, the decoration, the light, the food, the atmosphere, the music. All these details make the event a pleasant experience and, therefore, easier to remember.

VenueFinder is committed to maintaining its elegant conference venues Birmingham on a daily basis, giving the client the opportunity to take a luxurious experience with them when it comes to holding their events.

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