Bridesmaid Hair and Beauty Ideas


As you know, your bridesmaids are already lovely – if they weren’t lovely women, they likely wouldn’t have made the cut as your bridesmaids, right? With that in mind, it’s probably really important to you that you’re helping them pick the most beautiful bridesmaid dresses and ensuring they’re getting the hair and makeup attention they deserve for this special day!

That means you’ll need to consider bridesmaid hair and beauty ideas before the wedding day! You don’t have to tell us that this is an overwhelming process. But don’t worry, we’re here to help take the pressure off!

Have the Dress First

Sure, we know that the overall bridesmaid look goes beyond the dress. It might sound biased (seeing as we’re a dress company), but the look really starts with the dress. It’s much harder to determine hair and makeup without the dress, so we believe it’s vital to have the dress picked out first. At JJ’s House, they have all the bridesmaid dresses you could want (in all sorts of colors, too, from deep burgundy bridesmaid dresses to vibrant gold bridesmaid dresses) in all sorts of fits and styles! Once you have the dress, tackling the bridesmaid beauty and hair is a breeze!

Pick a Theme

It helps to pick a theme and stick to it before you try to decide on what sort of hair and makeup you want. For example, are you looking to go boho chic? Do you want to go as glam as possible? Are you looking for a casual, springtime look? Determining what you want in a theme is going to be miles more helpful if you nail down the hair and makeup first.

If You’re Stressed, Have Someone Help

We can’t stress this enough – don’t let the stress get the best of you! If you’re struggling with what to do and how to do it, ask for help! Whether that means hiring a professional to help nail down the bridesmaid beauty you’re looking for or simply consulting your bridesmaids for tips on hair and makeup, asking for a little help goes a long way!

Get the Inspo You Need

This is where your obsession with glam and beauty comes in handy! Scour your inspiration sources and make sure you have all the ideas you love saved in one place! Check out your Pinterest boards, your Instagram saves, your magazine cutouts you’ve been hoarding. Embrace the research and inspiration you’ve been loving!

Consider the Season (and the Weather!)

This is important for hair and makeup – in both the aesthetic and functional departments. If you’re having a winter wedding, ensure that you’re not chilling your bridesmaids with a beautiful (but cold) updo. If you’re having an outdoor wedding in the summer heat, maybe don’t opt for those thick curls lying on the backs of your bridesmaids! Try to work with a style and comfort that makes sense for the season and weather you’re planning to work with.

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