Why Must You Undergo The SSSTS Programme Yourself


The CITB (SSSTS) is an approved UK SSSTS course that allows the junior levels of the site supervisors undergo a CITB course on-site supervisory and safety mechanism. It’s the perfect amalgamation of health, welfare, safety measures, environmental factors and legal proceedings when you work on the building sites in the UK.

Did you know that it is the CITB Site Safety Plus accredited veterans who roll out this SSSTS course that boasts of its rich content on construction industries and therefore, a great value addition in the supervisory and the legal sphere? Let’s find out more about this course.

  • The course agenda

This Site Supervisor Course is a value-added SSSTS programme of two days aimed at those candidates who need a thorough insight into the realm of supervision, monitoring and, construction of site safety and legalization.

If you are a foreman, supervisor, team leader, ganger or a first line manager, assigned to the preliminary or the skin-dive supervisory and legal duties, this UK SSSTS course is for none other than you. What’s more, expect a certificate after successfully finishing this course.

  • The course content

Did you know that the UK SSSTS course will take the basic understanding of your construction work duties to the next level? Yes, it’s true. If you are in the junior management safely managing a construction site must undertake this cutting-edge programme under a highly qualified and professional instructor.

This professional course consists of a systematic structure that includes everything from publications, admission to certification, and much more. Following are what you learn from this course…

  1. Introduction to the supervisory health and on-site safety
  2. How to maintain a safe site and site inductions
  3. Proactive and corrective ways of monitoring
  4. On-site health issues and behavioral protection
  5. Risk assessments
  6. Prevention hazardous substances and fire control
  7. Personal Safety Equipment
  8. Legal implementation of health and safety inductions to sites
  9. Briefings of procedural statement
  10. Manual handling
  11. Adherence to the construction regulations
  12. Dipstick site observations
  13. Intervening procedures for a discovered disorder
  14. Toolbox conversations

The course advantages

If you still have queries about your take back from this site-safety course, remember this industry-leading programme is a touchstone training for all delegates working with UK Build supervision sites, which is directly backed by the Build UK and available nationwide.

You can attend this interactive programme as either as an open course or as a course on customers’ proprietor sites. A continual assessment will run throughout the course to ensure your immaculate progression into the on-site challenges that managing supervisors deal with every day.

This course also involves real-time studies, active class works, professional demonstrations and group sessions. An extra input to study outside the area of this course can improve your learning quality and performance in the MCQ test before exiting the course.

Finally, hone your command over your communication and writing skills before you approach this industry niche. Also note, this course demands a full attendance for giving you a certificate at the end. Also, be sure to renew your accreditation every five years with the SSSTS refresher track to avoid re-taking the entire course all over again because your certificate comes with an expiry date.

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