What Is The Role Of A Letting Agent And Services Offered


A reliable letting agent functions like any other estate agent owing to the similarity between the two jobs. On the other hand, there are agents that deal completely with leasing. A letting agent deals for the most part with rental services between landlords and individuals. The role of the letting agents Chelmsford, generally, is to suitably deal with the property of the landlords. Their responsibility ranges from looking for tenants for their client landlords, rent collection and property management.  These agents charge some amount from the landlords for offering their services. If the control is managed completely by the agent, tenants may, by no means, meet the landlord.

There are several benefits of hiring these letting agents at the moment of looking for a leasing property. An experienced good agent with knowledge of the areas will save your time in looking for the exact residence for the tenants. The letting agents Chelmsford can also act as a medium between landlord and tenant concerns that may crop up in diverse situations.

The services offered by them generally include the following areas:-

Their basic service is to bring in a tenant to the landlord. The charges for the landlord for the service provided are generally a predetermined percentage of the sum of rent for the tenancy and are asked in advance. On the other hand, tenants are requested for a management fee and in advance. This incorporates providing the application and typically entails prospective tenants undergoing identification searches. Fees can vary generally. Most often, the fee is non-refundable, excluding the landlord addition through the complete procedure.

Many agents can propose to collect the rent from the tenant if an extra payment is specified to them. Complete management denotes the routine management of the rental property. A lot of them make available such services on properties that they have rented for predetermined charges. The landlord has usually two options while it gets nearer to looking for tenants and controlling properties; simply reimburses an agent open handed fee for the purpose.

The letting agents Chelmsford will usually propose “let-only” services, where they will find, interrogate and look into the tenants, get the deposit and a proportion of first month’s rental fee. Letting agents can differ from little agencies which take care of a small number of properties only, not too big ones. The majority of them have agencies, at the same time as some may only publicise in local weeklies.

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