What Are the Types of Showcases for Jewelry


When you are looking for buying showcases for jewelry then you should know the different kinds of show cases which are available in the market? A jewelry show case is not merely just a show case. You are not going to use it only as a display cabinet. There are many more uses than that which is why you need to ensure that you purchase the right kind of show case.

Types of the showcases for displaying jewelry

You can find a wide range of the showcases for displaying your jewelry. Some of them are given below and depending on your needs you can make use of them. The classic jewelry showcases are one of the most commonly used. This jewelry showcase comes with clean space and has a sleek design.

It helps in displaying the items in a visually attractive and beautiful manner. The classic showcases are placed next to each other which can enable them to design a seamless and continuous look in retail spaces. The classic showcase models also come with shelves and drawers which are located on the backside which enables convenient storage.

The jewelry pedestals offer you with a wide range of high quality pedestal showcases. The pedestal showcases are same as the classic showcases and they come in the same designs and colors. In the pedestal showcases the display comes with more space like 8 to 12 inches wider than the base of the display.

Few of the pedestal showcase models come with a display case that has two pedestals. The full vision jewelry cases come with a unique construction having a glass design which can minimize the visual obstruction. The full vision showcase helps the potential consumers to view the items properly with the minor details visible.

Some of the items include art, watches, and jewelry. The queen Ann jewelry cases are the ideal option which comes with a higher end or luxury jewelry retails. The design of the Queen Anne style has an elegant curved leg and gives an elegant look to the shop. The specialty jewelry cases are custom designed depending on the needs and requirements.

The layout of the room will depend on the design of the jewelry cases. The corner case the clipped corner is able to accommodate the angles, turns, and corners in your retail store. The freestanding cases can be customized in square, octagonal, rectangular shapes, and customized tower cases.

You can get them custom designed or make use of online stores to purchase them. The online stores provide you with a wide range of options to choose from unlike the traditional store where you have few options. The pricing also is also a very important factor where the online stores provide you with discounts and other offers on their products.

Apart from that the show cases are also custom made. You can find designs and even order or choose the design and color you want prepared for yourself. The choices are immense. Traditional stores might not be able to provide you with them. The pricing do not come with discounts.

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