Your Top Guide To Picking The Best Team Sport For Your Child


Choosing a sport for your child to participate in is an important decision. While some children are more inclined to engage in team sports others prefer single person sports. Parents should keep this in mind as well as their child’s favourite sports.

A good way to find out which sports your child prefers is to pay attention to what sports they watch on TV. You can also ask them about which games they prefer to play during recess with their friends. Then, use this information to determine which sport your child would like best.

Below we’ve included some of the top sports to consider for your child.


Football is a team sport where one team tries to outscore the opposing team by kicking a ball around. There are plenty of positions which your child can play here like goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or striker. If you aren’t sure which position your child would prefer the team’s football coach can help out.

This sport is generally a good choice for children who love to run as there is quite a bit of running involved in the game. So if your child is always racing around at recess then this might just be the perfect option for them.


Basketball is a game played by two opposing teams of five players. Points are awarded for throwing the basketball through a hoop. These are located on either side of the basketball court. At the same time that one team tries to score on the opposing hoop, they must defend their own net as well.

There are five positions for your child to try in basketball. These are point guard, shooting guard, centre, power forward and small forward. All the running and throwing techniques in basketball will keep your child active and engaged.


Rugby is a team game played with an egg-shaped ball. You can carry, kick or pass the ball from player to player. Each team scores points by scoring tries or by kicking penalties.

Rugby has two variations. In one variation there are seven players then in the other variation there are fifteen players. This type of sport is a contact sport, meaning that your child may bump into other players while trying to capture the ball. For this reason, your child will also be wearing plenty of protective equipment. It might be suitable if your child is strongly built as s/he will have to go up against other players and stand his/her ground.

Ice hockey

Ice hockey is a game played between two teams while skating on ice. Each team has six players; forwards, halfbacks, fullbacks and a goalie.

These players wear skates and protective gear and use hockey sticks to compete on an ice rink. In order to win, they must outscore the other team by scoring goals on the other team’s net with a hockey puck. All players in this game wear protective gear because it is a contact sport. So it is best suited for a child who doesn’t mind contact sports and enjoys skating.

Which sport do you think will suit your child’s interests? If your little one is out of shape, it might be best to hire a personal trainer to get them brought up to speed on their fitness, just before team tryouts. That way, your child will have a great chance to make it into his or her school team too.

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