Top 5 Things to Do When Vacationing in Chennai


Located off the coast of Bay of Bengal, Chennai is a major city in Southern India with it being the capital of Tamil Nadu. The city is bustling with energy and is known for its careful preservation of its culture and history. The city is famous for its beaches, temples and churches and is the perfect destination for a vacation with your friends and family. It offers all the modern comforts of a metropolitan city while offering nuanced experiences. The city never takes a break and welcomes tourists all year round. If you are planning to visit the charming city and are looking at Chennai hotels booking to book your stay, we have you covered with the definitive to-do list.

  • Marina Beach

Arguably the most iconic landmark of the city, the 13-kilometer coastline is the second largest beach in the world. The beach is situated within the city and offers breathtaking natural beauty as it waves off the coastline amidst picturesque surroundings. With its soft sands and raw appeal, it attracts a large number of tourists from far and wide. The shore is the perfect place for a picnic, stroll or just to unwind and relax. The views are especially alluring to those interested in photography.

  • Mahabalipuram Temples

Established in 1827, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is a relic of the ancient times of the Pallava dynasty. Steeped in architectural brilliance and historical significance, this town of Mahabalipuram is a favourite with art and history lovers. The temples are devoted to various deities such as Lord Krishna and also have temple caved dedicated to other God and Goddesses. The structures are intact in their original form, and the intricate designs and carvings on each of them are truly awe-inspiring.

  • Pulicat Lake

Get in touch with nature and relax at the Pulicat Lake, which is the second largest saline water lake in India. Widely known as the Pulicat Lake Wildlife Sanctuary, it is a place where you will be taken away by the sheer natural beauty. With a wide range of flora and fauna surrounding the water body, it is a serene place to soothe your soul. Indulge in some bird watching at the lake and spot the famous Flamingos and other exotic species. The Lake attracts a wide variety of migratory birds and is a visual delight. It is the ideal place to slow down and rejuvenate with your friends, family or your special someone.

  • Alamparai Fort

The fort is a reminder of the grandeur of the Mughal reign in India and was used to export cloth and salt among other things. The historical and cultural significance apart, it is an architectural marvel. Though its condition has deteriorated over time, the view from it will still take your breath away. It has the perfect vantage point to watch the Sun dip into the horizon and offers captivating views of the sea.

  • Royapuram Fishing Harbour

If you are someone who loves seafood, then a visit to the fishing harbour is a must for you. This particular harbour is one of the busiest coastlines where you can experience the bustle of a fish market and watch as the catch is unloaded from the vessels. It is a unique experience to watch the entire process right from the departure of the boat to the final unloading of the fish. It is a photographer’s delight, especially at dusk when the entire harbour is lit against the backdrop of the setting Sun.

Chennai is a place that is both culturally as well as historically rich and offers a wide range of experiences for its many travellers. The charismatic city is also a delight for food lovers and offers the best in South Indian cuisine. Since the city is always bustling with tourists, make sure you get your Chennai hotels booking done well in time.

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