The very best of Japanese technology in cooling from Hitachi


Hitachi Split AC is one of the best selling air conditioners in India. Hitachi is known for its high-end models, which are constantly based on customer feedback. Hitachi, a leading manufacturer sells excellent air conditioners at almost all price points. There is a Hitachi air conditioner for every pocket and for every budget. Hitachi sells more than Lloyds air conditioners in most of India.

Lloyds products are highly competitive with the Hitachi Split AC. Hitachi also offers the KAZE series for those who cannot afford premium segment air conditioners. For air conditioning systems, the larger the budget, the more functions are numerous. The best air conditioning system manufactured in India is the Hitachi 1.5 ton split AC. It has passed 43 quality tests and has rating of 5 stars in energy efficiency. The product comes with a one year warranty and a 5 year warranty on the compressor. Most air conditioners come with a two-way rotating blade that moves up and down to cool the room. Only with Hitachi split air conditioners, the blades rotate up and down, as well as to the left and to the right. The slats move with an intelligent design system for more efficient cooling. All this leads to very environment friendly design with R 410 coolant that does not harm the ozone layer.

Matchless Quality

When it comes to cooling a Hitachi split AC has no competition. It gives the brand a great competitive advantage by guaranteeing that they offer features like Super Cool, which means they can cool down instantly. In just few minutes, Hitachi Split AC can cool a large room to 20° C. The air conditioning works at a very high speed and, therefore, the temperature is reduced rapidly. This also causes very low energy consumption. You can control the area not only with a remote control, but also with the smartphone. Hitachi split AC has an iConnect series that allows you to control the AC through your smartphone. It connects through a direct wi-fi connection. Power outages and blackouts are common in all parts of India. However, the Hitachi Kashikoi series works without stabilizer. In case of voltage fluctuations, it turns off to protect the compressor from damage.

Auto Clean Function

This is one of the most astounding features of Hitachi. The special feature of this function is that dust accumulated in the AC filter is automatically removed. The operation is quite simple if the cleaning function of the filter is controlled by the controller. The integrated cleaning unit switches between its initial position and that of the dust collector to remove dust with the brush and mesh filter coated in stainless steel. Then, the dust collector collects and transports the dust. There is simply no match for the quality provided by Hitachi air conditioners.

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