The Top Three Reasons You Should Major in Sports Medicine


Students have thousands of major options to choose from when they are applying to colleges, and, more often than not, they become very overwhelmed by the vast amount of choices presented. Many students who are athletes in high school are interested in sports, but they do not know how to monetize these interests through their education. If you or someone you know loves athletics but is struggling to find a major, then they should consider majoring in sports medicine. Here are a few reasons why sports medicine is the perfect path to pursue.

Working With Athletes

A love of health and athletics is the basis for pursuing this degree, so naturally one of the most exciting parts about majoring in sports medicine is the prospect of working closely with athletes throughout your career. You will be right in the heart of the athletics industry, mentoring and rehabilitating athletes as well as monitoring their health and injuries. If you work your way up, you may even be able to work with professional athletes!

Variety of Fields and Degrees

There are many fields in the sports medicine industry, such as massage therapy, athletic training, teaching, and medicine. So whether you prefer to train an athlete, or you have a knack for massaging athletes’ injuries and aches, you have many directions to pursue. You may decide your direction during your education, whether you are seeking an associate’s degree at a community college or a bachelor’s degree at a four-year university. Pursuing a master’s degree is also encouraged because the extra education will help you obtain more prestigious and higher paying jobs.

Career Opportunities

Based on the highest level of education you pursue, many career options are available. An associate’s degree allows you to work in entry-level and aide positions, such as a physical therapist’s aide. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can obtain a career as an athletic trainer. An athletic trainer assists athletes by helping them prevent injuries, develop exercise routines, and prepare for games. A master’s degree will allow you to be a physical therapist. Physical therapists help patients to recover and rehabilitate from injuries and disabilities. The demand for physical therapists is increasing, as is the average salary in this field.

Majoring in sports medicine can provide you with ample opportunities beyond those listed here as well as valuable lessons, regardless of how you choose to use your degree.

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