The Beauty of This World


Hey folks there seems to be a constant stream of bad news coming our way but we must remember that there are a lot of great things in this world. We need to learn to program our mind to focus on the many great things about this world. Here are just a few reminders

o Can you hear the birds singing? Can you believe its free to listen to this sweet music. How can not be inspired by it.

o The flowers in the garden. It really lifts that scene. The natural colours.

o The gentle breeze in your face. Can you feel that? The fresh air

o The smile from the stranger. They didn’t have to but they did. You see there a lot of good people out there. Of course it’s the bad guys who get the press. For every one robbery that makes the news there’s probably ten unheard of stories of people helping an old lady cross the road.

o The greeting from friends and family. They are invaluable to us. They are special and we lucky to have them.

o The sun rising in the morning.

o That great song. That wonderful Beatles composition or that sweet Beethoven Symphony. A lot of musicians write songs about the most wonderful things. It can only be good for us.

o That great movie.

o What about a nice picnic.

o Isn’t that a lovely view? Don’t let it pass you by.

o The sound of a baby crying or a baby laughing. Doesn’t it make your heart jump for joy!

o Lets do something spontaneous today, a break from the norm.

o What about reading that classic book. It really entertained me. What a great story.

Keep reminding yourself of these things and you’ll appreciate the good things in this world.

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