Technology Has Eyes on the Visually Impaired


The National Federation for the Blind estimates there are over 7 million young adults, 18 years or older living in America who are visually impaired.  Educating students who are visually impaired means dealing with a population that is very diverse.  Some will have minimal light perception, low vision only, and varying degrees of vision loss.  Some will have blindness as their only disability, while others will also be affected by hearing, orthopedic, or cognitive disabilities among others.  Educators are challenged to teach them skills sighted children learn largely by using their eyesight while interacting with others, as well as how to navigate through their environment using learning aids designed for their unique needs.  Technological advances have created new products that will allow blind and impaired people to see in ways that were unheard of until just a few years ago.  Some can restore sight, while others can help the blind experience their surroundings in innovative ways such as using a device that creates tingles on their tongue.  These tingles are then used to help them find their way around objects in their environment.  There’s even talk that driverless cars will be a means of transportation for the blind in the future.

 If you are a parent of a child who has special needs, or want to learn more about educating children with vision impairments, you can should shop Barnes and Noble.  They sell a variety of books that can be read by the visually impaired, including large print books, and audio books. These are sure to be an asset if members of the family need to educate themselves and others about their loved one’s needs.

Barnes and Noble has been selling books for decades and has accumulated a vast inventory that covers a diverse and wide range of subject matter.  From the hottest best-sellers in fiction, non-fiction, graphic novels and children’s books, to note pads, journals, calendars and more, Barnes and Noble has something in store for you, right now, and you can have it for less when you apply a Groupon promo code or coupon to the deal.   When you search Groupon for deals for Barnes and Nobles, you’ll find codes good for online or instore.  You can save $100 off Rosetta Stone sets, get 25% off if you’re an educator, or save up to 90% off new or used text books.  Those of us with sight have a stake in helping the impaired live full, rich and independent lives.  And Barnes and Noble is a great place to start.

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