Spy ear piece – your way to a perfect GPA


Exams are one of the most dreaded things students have to face especially when they didn’t study. Most of the time, it’s not that these students intentionally don’t study (while of course there are some that do), they just can’t seem to find the time for studying even if they wanted to, especially for college students who have a lot on their plates already and some are also working part-time jobs to make end meet and have money for school to pay off student loans.

On top of everything else, these students also have to deal with homework, papers and thesis writing which can take up a lot of time, wherein studying may not be able to fit in the already full schedule of “things to do”. If only there was a way to take exams without studying and pass them with flying colors, these students will definitely not pass that opportunity up. With today’s technological advancements, it is possible. Spy gadgets in movies are slowly becoming a reality and a few of those gadgets such as the spy cam glasses and the spy earpiece are already available in the market.

How does a spy ear piece works?

Apparently all you need are these two things, the spy glasses and earpiece and you can already become your class’ very own James Bond. The spy glasses and earpiece works as an undetectable two-way communication device wherein the one wearing the earpiece and glasses can send and receive information to his or her friend, preferably with a lot of notes on hand or a laptop, without being detected.

As complicated as it seems, it’s really not that hard to understand and operate. The earpiece serves as a speaker wherein when inserted into the ear can be undetected by teachers, examiners or proctors. It basically works by connecting a transmitter which is discreetly installed into the glasses via Bluetooth to a cell phone and then by making a call to the “command center”, the individual has already established a secure line of connection.

Communication is done by talking via a very sensitive mic that can be located in the transmitter, of course to a normal person that’s unaware, it might look like you’re crazy and talking to yourself.

Why choose the spy route?

Of course, the spy glasses and earpiece combo isn’t the only technique that can be used to pass an exam. There are still a lot of other ways in going about it, some more crude but still effective. Take for instance the traditional and effective paper cheat sheet wherein you cram all the possible details you can into a very tiny piece of paper that you can hide or of course, writing on your limbs. There are also more modern ways of doing it but of course it requires using a cell phone in a way that it’s not so discreet.

The spy glasses and earpiece is probably the most effective way to passing the exam without getting detected or caught since it is virtually invisible and hidden in plain sight, just like an actual spy.

The applications for this handy device is not only limited to exams but there are also a lot of other instances wherein this gadget comes in quite handy such as for people who are doing reports or public speeches, they now do not need cue cards or to memorize their speeches.

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