Solve Hair Loss Issues with Stem Cell Treatment – What You Must Know


Just when you finished your shower and started combing your hair, you have noticed a lot of strands falling on the floor while others are dangling forcibly on your comb. You are too distressed because you hate seeing each strand of hair taking itself out on your scalp. And when you looked at yourself in the mirror, you noticed a balding patch at the left side of your head. This looks extremely bothersome.

Hair adds charm to your looks. But by noticing that balding patch and those strands running their way to the floor, you then told yourself to get a solution. You might consider buying a wig but the effect will not last for long. In this troublesome case, the help of a stem cell hair treatment for thinning hair is the best answer to hold. You’ll be delighted to know that what it offers is a lasting result.

How Stem Cell Hair Therapy Works

Stem cell treatment is common. It was used to treat diseases and aesthetic issues such as hair loss. Stem cell therapy for baldness usually starts with how the patient’s adipose stem cells are used. These cells are naturally found in the fat just right below the skin. For the treatment, the process is easy to understand. What the doctors do here is to take away around 500 hair follicles on your head. Those hair follicles that the doctor takes are cultured and are processed to produce more stem cells. Right after doing things in the lab, the doctor will then insert the processed hair into your scalp, and boom, that is how you’ll get your new hair follicles.

The Length of Time to Take For the Procedure

The procedure runs for around 3-4 hours and it comes in three phases. These phases are linked to extraction, separation, and scalp infiltration. Extraction speaks about those removed strands of hair from your scalp which takes about an hour. Right after, the clinical team separates these stem cells to the lab while the patient is waiting. After doing it, scalp infiltration comes next which takes about 30 minutes only.

The Safety of Using Stem Cells for Hair Regrowth

It is because stem cells are taken from the patient’s body, this makes the procedure to be safe. A lot of people are already looking for stem cell therapy because it is way safer and more effective compared to hair transplant surgeries. Definitely, some of these folks are too troubled with surgeries that they opt for easier ways.

Choosing the Right Clinic

With hair loss raised in both men and women, stem cells treatment is already found first in the list. When looking for a reputable clinic, it is vital to follow certain measures. It is important to ask the clinic about the professional who will be supervising the procedure. Experience and credentials of the professional are necessary. You have to be provided with their licensing documentation. Without a doubt, it is easy to trust a professional who provides you the document you need without any hesitation. Also, you may ask for an initial consultation. A short visit offers you the opportunity to ask questions regarding the procedure, and of course, of everything highlighted in the clinic.

To Conclude

With stem cell hair treatment for thinning hair, your balding problem will be performed with the right solution. You only need to be ready in facing the clinic, and definitely, with the professional. All the professionals working in this clinic must all be operating with a high level of skills and ethics. And of course, they should offer quality results as well.



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