Rituals -Making Ordinary into something more with efforts!


In spite of leading an advanced life, some people have always looked up for betterment in their life. To evolve into something more one has to possess a complete set of knowledge on things that makes them so weak! Thus various methods have been proposed by great leaders to lead a successful life. Some might believe that a universal power exists that provides the meaning of life! Such a way of getting to that answer is attained by the progress of certain actions which in turn is termed as Ritual. It is considered to be the language that expresses many of human life which includes the social relationship and spiritual life. Lauren fisher is one among such people who is determined to make a difference in the art of living with their continuous efforts!

Ritual in three stages-Begin, Transform, Achieve!

Ritual is an art of transforming one’s effort in making their life to be a more reasonable one! It takes time and has to been carried in a sequence in which one could witness the transformation part. It has been explained in three stages which are given as the beginning, Transition, and the achievement. Rituals involve various dimensions rather than a simple belief in god. It involves many characteristic features like poetry, dance, theater in which involves an emotional connection that touches the heart and mind as evokes them. Thus it enriches the life. Rituals are similar to prayers in some ways that would help people in realizing their potential in handling the life during worst times! IT serves as a healing method and provokes courage in the heart of people. Types of ritualistic activities differ in various places. One among them would be an ideal way of understanding the necessary steps to transform in life.

Beginning stage of a ritual is a phase for setting the grounds for transformation. It mainly involves in differentiating the activities that are ordinary and that require modification. The major agenda in the initial stage would set the intention i.e. Decide the task that has to be achieved. It helps in clearing the focus towards the work. Such practices are carried out in various circumstances even without realizing it. For an example, consider people working hard in fitness centers, whose only intention is to maintain their health.

The intermediate stage of a ritual is also referred as the period of transition. It is a phase of losing one’s older identity and starting a new one. It would be a stage for development. It could be evoking one’s strength, setting a new goal, healing from the past, and respecting others for their efforts. Once the main intention of transforming has been done, it always important to remember the intention or goal and the efforts taken in achieving it. More people like  Lauren fisher continues in  making efforts to make a change in their life As they realize that one should uphold learning as life never fails to teach. The best thing that can be done is to accept the things and move ahead!

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