The Pros And Cons Of Wainscoting Your Home Ceiling


We are familiar with wall panel wainscoting in any form and design, often a combination of wainscoted walls with ceiling molding. But how often do we see wainscoted ceilings? The truth is that the idea is old, but the trend seems as fresh as baked bread. If you dig and search, you will realize that more and more households install wainscoting on the ceiling.

Why wainscoting ceilings become more and more popular?

It has to do with the plethora of wainscoting design and profile options. But it mainly has to do with the choice of materials. Don’t forget that the industry of interior design has evolved tremendously over the last decades and so did the ideas. And since old design ideas experience a rejuvenation, the idea of having a paneled ceiling was only a matter of time before becoming popular again. What helped most was the abundance of techniques and the great development of new technology. Today, wood panels can be carved and curved enabling the transformation of the indoor environment and ensuring its charm and splendor. And such developments don’t only enhance the aesthetic results but also the higher resistance of the panels.

With this last remark, let us start by focusing on the drawbacks of wainscoted ceilings.

2 main considerations before you install beadboard on the ceiling

When you install beadboard wainscoting on the ceiling, the last thing you want is to see it ruined with the smallest calamity. And one of the most common problems among all households is water damage. All it takes is a broken roof shingle. As you probably know, wood is not resistant to water or moisture. A leak would destroy the panel and in turn create safety issues in your home.

Here’s where modern wainscoting panels come to offer the solution. One way to avoid this problem is to install vinyl bead board panels. This is the best idea for porch ceilings too. Processed materials – like composites or plastic – are made water resistant and thus are suitable for outdoor environments or indoors – where increased moisture or water damage might be a concern. ModelHome Makeover offers the best interior design ideas in Toronto and practical makeover solutions for functional homes.

What more you can do is trust an experienced contractor who could tell you whether or not drywall is needed underneath the ceiling panel and he will know which coatings to use for higher protection. Don’t forget that fire damage can also be an issue.

Another drawback is the difficulty level of the ceiling wainscoting installation. This is hardly a DIY job. It takes great technical knowledge not just to evaluate how many boards you will need but to ensure they are installed correctly. Don’t forget that this is the ceiling we are talking about. It must be stable, support the light fixtures, and never become a safety hazard. Now, if you choose to install recessed lighting, you won’t only have to cut holes on the boards but also make sure the wiring won’t cause a fire.

The advantages of ceiling wainscoting installation

Between flat and modern wainscoting design ceilings, wouldn’t you choose the latter? The greatest advantage of wainscoted ceilings is their beauty. They cover the boring, white surface and along its imperfections. You can finish the ceiling with a color of your choice – although white is always the number one option, but also combine the panel with crown molding. Such panels can cover flat but also vaulted ceilings bringing instant elegance to the room. And then it’s the low cost of wainscoting the ceiling. Since beadboards don’t cost too much, the project won’t break the bank. But it’s worth mentioning here that vinyl options often come more expensive.

One last benefit of such projects is that you have an option between modern and classic wainscoting ideas. Although beadboard seems to be the number one panel choice for ceilings, you can still use other profiles. What makes bead boards popular for the fifth wall is that they have a repeating pattern thanks to their planks, which give more depth and add greater interest on the ceiling.

To sum up: remember that a coffered ceiling design would refresh the environment and bring a contemporary aura into the room. As far as aesthetics are concerned, you have choices and the chance to adapt designs to your style. But always consider the moisture issues and possible safety concerns should the panels are not installed correctly. So it’s advisable to turn to pros for such heavy duty home improvements.

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