Pregnancy Kicks: Info related to Pregnancy Kick Counter


The women who have their first pregnancy going on, for them getting that first kick from their baby is like achieving a milestone. It is completely visible on their faces how excited and happy they are when they feel the kicks in their tummy. And it’s not just the mother, but the other family members also seem equally excited for feeling that kick especially the father. And from there, the journey of the kicks start until the mother gives birth to the baby. These small tiny movements of your baby can let you know a lot about his or her health also. Your doctor may ask you to keep a track of your pregnancy kicks or movements. Especially, when your due date is near, you need to count the kicks to know whether they are normal or not.

Know About Pregnancy Kicks

If you are pregnant, you should be aware of a few things about the pregnancy kicks. Like, you may notice that your baby kicks more during the night and it can make you feel restless. But this is normal, because generally after you will have your meal and your baby gets the energy, they become more active. However, there is no fixed time of pregnancy kicks during the day. If your pregnancy kicks are in a regular pattern, then you need not worry. Keeping a track of pregnancy kicks will help you learn when your baby is sleeping or is at rest and when he or she is active.

How does Pregnancy Kicks feel?

When we talk about how Pregnancy Kicks feels, then we cannot just have one answer to it. Because it feels different for different pregnant women. Even if you have a second pregnancy, so you may also feel different than the first one. For some women, it is just the sensation inside their tummy. Some women also get confused with the baby kicks by mistaking it as stomach indigestion problem. And for other women, it feels like something is popping inside. But in all the ways it is beautiful. But these days, pregnancy kicks are not just limited to feeling them, but you should also track them using a pregnancy kick counter.

Time Period of Pregnancy Kicks

We cannot exactly say that when the pregnancy kicks will actually start. Because in some women it can be felt in between the 18th week of pregnancy to 25th week of pregnancy. And in some, it can be felt in between 16th week to 25th week. It is also believed that you may feel the pregnancy kicks sooner during your second pregnancy in comparison to the first pregnancy.

Pregnancy Kick Counter App

As we just mentioned above that now you can take a count of pregnancy kicks by kick counter for pregnancy. You will find so many pregnancy apps which have the features for counting pregnancy kicks. Even there are some apps which are completely dedicated to pregnancy kicks only. Many clinics and doctor have their own apps to track kicks. With the help of these kick counter, you will know that your baby is active. And this is really good from saving your baby from situations like stillbirth or birth defect. You should consult your doctor if you find some major fluctuations in pregnancy kicks.

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