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When you spend your time and money into buying a home, you want to display it and make sure it looks its best. Interior designing in itself is a multifaceted job that requires expertise and detailing and it can be quite challenging new homeowners. One would obviously want their house to look elegant and beautiful irrespective of which style of decoration they choose. Therefore, it is essential for residents to hire just the right designers who they can trust in decorating their dream homes.

UrbanClap had recently launched an interior designer’s base in Bangalore and that coincidentally happened right around the time I shifted to my new apartment in New Alipore. I had previously availed UrbanClap for other personal services like massage therapies, and plumbing and so I knew about their quality of work. As a result, my first obvious choice for home décor was UrbanClap who I called to help me search for a good designer. When I accessed the website, I was provided with multiple options of interior designer in Bangalore, whose contact details, previous work samples and reviews were added along with their names. The organization of each designer was clear and efficient and their details were well put-together for easier accessibility and understanding. Their charges were also mentioned alongside which was a huge relief because with most interior designers there is a high-risk probability of being charged extra at the time of finishing. Most designers may not list out their charges clearly in the beginning which later becomes a hassle for the customer because they do not have a detailed calculation of what they are having to pay so much for.

But with UrbanClap, I hired a professional interior designer who helped me put my ideas together and finally turn my house into a dream-like setting. The designer of my choice possessed many years of experience and fit my budget perfectly. I had a few ideas in my mind that I could not quite place in reality into my house. I clarified them with my designer, who had various contacts of electricians, plumbers and tile-makers. I also did not know how and where to fit furniture of my choice in the rooms. My designer then asked me to draw him a picture of exactly what I wanted and he guaranteed that the output would be exactly like I imagined. This helped me save both my time and money. I did not have to make much effort into hiring suppliers of my own. I could hand-over all of the work to the interior decorator and they took care of it. I did not have high spending capacities, but the work ended up looking just as wonderful and professional.

The designer was trained to make the visions of the customers, a reality. The chances of being unhappy with how everything turned out was quite low because I was asked to be there while all of the work went on, to ensure effective supervision. The designer looked into all the practical details to make sure nothing was being left out.

So, all thanks to UrbanClap and their provision of personal services at your doorstep, for which I could contact the best, trained and knowledgeable interior designers even on a moderate budget. Hiring an interior designer is no longer an inessential or expensive indulgence. With UrbanClap, it is simple yet elegant, promising and low-priced. The experience of the designers that UrbanClap pairs you with, helps you make valued judgements about your own home and add your own personal touch to it.  So, you can feel at home while your designer builds your vision around you.

I recommend UrbanClap to you if you want to design your home professionally on a budget. I assure you that you will be happy with the results. You can safely put your faith in UrbanClap and know that you will find a designer who will be just right for you, ready to be at your service.

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