All You Need to Know About a Tinnitus Claim In UK


If you are suffering from workplace-induced tinnitus, then you may be eligible for compensation, and you could be owed several thousand pounds. Below, we have prepared some information about tinnitus claims in the UK, to help with your research.

Eligibility requirements for tinnitus claims

To be eligible for tinnitus compensation, the date your tinnitus first became clear (the date your tinnitus was first diagnosed by a doctor) must be no more than three years ago. This is known as your Date of Knowledge. After three years, it may not be possible to bring your claim forward, since it will be time-barred or statute barred, as per the Limitation Act 1980.

Secondly, there must be someone else to blame for your tinnitus. For instance, a past or present employer. If there is nobody to make a claim with, then who is going to pay your compensation? The answer is nobody. Most people get tinnitus at work, so for most people, their tinnitus claim will be with an employer either past for present.

Timeframes for tinnitus claim completion

Many tinnitus claims can be processed in just a few months, although some claims do take several months to process. A lot depends firstly on the complexity of the case i.e. how much investigation is needed, and a lot also depends on the efficiency of the other side, who of course have their own investigative processes to follow. Rest assured though that when you start application for a tinnitus claim, your personal injury solicitor will do their best to ensure that your claim reaches a satisfactory conclusion sooner rather than later.

The cost of making a tinnitus claim

Making a claim for tinnitus will not cost you anything up front, since your claim will be processed using a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement. However, your personal injury solicitor may take up to 25 per cent of your compensation as payment for their services, but only if they win your case. If your lawyer loses your case, then they won’t get paid, it is as simple as that.

Average tinnitus payouts

The average compensation pay-out for minor tinnitus is between £2,000 and £4,000, while the average compensation pay-out for moderate tinnitus is between £5,000 and £10,000, and the average compensation pay-out for severe tinnitus is over £25,000. Higher compensation amounts are possible, however, and especially so if you also have some hearing loss in addition to your tinnitus. If you do have some hearing loss, then your accident claim could be worth over £30,000. To get a better estimated pay-out, you should speak with a lawyer, so that the nuances of your case can be factored into your estimate.

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