Merapi Adventure in Yogyakarta: A Getaway for Adrenaline-rush Enthusiasts


Nowadays, working atmosphere becomes a lot of stressful, thanks to the high demands for perfection. To relieve your mind and body after numerous workloads, having a vacation may be a good solution. If you like to experience adventurous journey, having Merapi adventure in Yogyakarta at the end of the week can be the best short escape.

There are a lot of activities that you can do at Mount Merapi. Some of them are

  • Drinking Coffee Merapi: if you are a coffee enthusiast, then drinking Coffee Merapi is a must. The lands near the mountain have ideal soil to grow various types of commodities, including coffee, thanks to the volcanic activity. The most famous coffee center in Mount Merapi is situated at Kaliurang’s southeastern part, near the area named Bebeng. The popular coffee shop in the area is Coffee Shop Merapi. You can drink a hot coffee in this coffee shop while enjoying sceneries of famous eruption sites. The coffee provided by the coffee shop is variable, from Arabica to Robusta. You can also purchase coffee packages for souvenirs.


  • Going to Pronowijo Hill: for those who search for marvelous sceneries, Pronowijo Hill is a good place to climb. On the top of the hill, you are able to see the breathtaking view of the Great Mount Merapi. This destination is very famous for photography. While you are climbing the hill, you will meet numerous wild monkeys that are tame enough to play with. The trip to the top will never be boring with them.


  • Going to Ullen Sentalu Museum: the museum is situated in the area of Kaliurang and it servers as educational and cultural destination in Mount Merapi area. This museum beautifully combined both culture in its building. The building has a classical architecture that look like European palace. Once you are inside, you will see the Javanese traditional ornaments and designs. You are able to learn about Yogyakarta Palace’s history and the lifestyle of many nobles during the period. You can also see various collection of batik from Yogyakarta and Solo. Tour guide is provided during the tour and you may request the language.


  • Enjoying lava tours: this tourist attraction is a must-do when you visit Mount Merapi. This tour will provide a jeep and a driver that will bring you to explore Mount Merapi adventures. They will bring you to the remains of latest eruption of the mountain in 2010. With this tour, you are able to learn about appreciation and how powerless we are against the nature in a mini museum named Sisa Hartaku or My Remaining Treasure. For additional adrenaline rush, the driver will take you to rocky paths, small rivers, and steep slopes. This attraction is probably the most exciting thing to do in Mount Merapi.

Those are several things that you can choose to enjoy Mount Merapi. A day is probably not enough to explore all the glory the mountain offers, but the activities described in the previous paragraph should be sufficient to enjoy the Mountain’s greatness.

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