To a Man Called FATHER


Fathers – Emotionless or Lid on Emotions

Fathers, the tough, the strong, the strict, the less emotional person in the family, one who always keeps an eye on your activities many attributes are associated with this word. Sometimes true but most of the times a misconception forced upon a man who cares and loves the family just as much or may be even more than any other member of the family. Only trouble with him is, he refuses to express himself. Sometimes because of the masculine baggage attached to him by the society, at others to maintain the balance in the family where Mothers are more close to a child because of the fact that she delivered and brought the child to this world. Thus, fathers, the man of the family, decide to take a backseat and hide his emotions. And he does that really well, without many people getting to know about his feelings.

Father’s Day- History

But the landscape is changing. Just like me, others are getting to know the reality behind those cold eyes and the stone face. Evidence to this realisation can be realised from the gaining popularity of Father’s Day celebration throughout the world. Although, the efforts were put in place right from the 1900s to include Father’s Day into mainstream, but after various failed attempts the day got its due recognition in 1960s when Lyndon B. Johnson, President of the United States issued the first presidential proclamation honouring fathers, designating the third Sunday of June as Father’s Day. Six years later in 1972, Richard Nixon, President of United States signed it into law. Thus, from then on, majority of the countries started celebrating Father’s Day on 3rd Sunday of June every year.

Celebrating Father’s Day

So how do you want to honour your father this year? How do you plan to celebrate this day? Do you want to take your old man out on a drive and dinner? Or would you like to celebrate it indoors and let him chill out with the family, probably watch a movie? Confused? Let us help you get out of the dilemma. It really doesn’t matter whether it is at home or not, what matters is how you treat him, because what really matters for him is your presence. Because it is you, his kids, he is worried about the most. He slugs, he fight against all the odds every day to make your life better and risk free. You are his biggest gift. You are the flowers for him spreading fragrance in his life. So, how about presenting real flowers to him, the Father’s Day flowers. Probably, these flowers will be the sweetest present he would have received, better than those expensive cigars or those tickets to Sunday night ball. And, the impact can grow manifolds if you can include a handwritten note to these flowers and pin a photograph of you with your father which reminds you most of him. These small gestures is what makes family a family.

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