The Main Things to Remember When Choosing a Well-Designed Jewelry Display Case


When getting a jewelry display case, most shop owners will be at a loss in deciding on the spot what to get, how much to spend, and how far they should go when it comes to deciding on the best level of quality to look for.

Practical concerns also abound, and you’ll soon find that there are a wide range of styles and different types of jewelry cases you can choose from.

Easy Placement and Visibility

A well-designed jewelry display case has to ensure that you can place your jewelry items conveniently inside and display them without any concerns. This means that it’s best for the case to feature pull-out decks, so you don’t have to struggle to place and arrange the items inside

Also, it’s important for the construction to allow you to pull out the decks and place them back in good time, so you don’t need to waste too much time with the arrangement of the jewelry – especially if your store features dozens of display cases and you receive hundreds of customers per day.

Also, clear glass doors or windows should allow perfect visibility, and interior lighting can be a big bonus when it comes to giving you the ability to showcase the precious metals and gemstones from your jewelry items and how beautifully they shine in just the right light.

Style and Variety

Even though you don’t want your display case to outshine the jewelry you sell, it’s often important to make sure the jewelry cases you buy have at least a few ornate, uniquely crafted elements and finishes that will attract the attention of your clients and make them look inside.

The colors and style of the finishes should be appealing enough to catch your customers’ eyes and non-invasive enough to highlight the beauty and shine of the showcased items you’d wish to sell. Also, it’s a good idea to use tasteful variety by buying different types of jewelry cases and using them to create an entirely unique look for your store, so that buyers can be drawn in by the colorful and artistic décor

Durability and Security

Although most jewelry cases can be easily broken by an intruder, some are far more resilient, and can also support added security measures to protect your precious jewelry when the store is closed, such as the seamless installation of security locks and sensors for your security system.

Durability is also an important consideration, since you don’t want to constantly have to replace an ornate and cool looking display case because the veneer wore off. The best choice in this regard is genuine wood or aluminum for added structural integrity and fabrics such as satin and silk to ensure not only a more luxury-oriented appearance, but also better protection.

You’ll find that choosing a great looking, high quality jewelry display case will no longer be a difficult task once you have all these recommendations at your disposal, and making sure you find more affordable offers is just a matter of researching and comparing the various deals available online.

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