Lululemon and their success


Today there are several options in the fashion industry to choose from. But it is to be noted that there are some brands like Lulu which have attracted the consumers to a greater extent. There are several reasons behind the success of Lulu. However, the quality and innovation are the two main factors which have influenced their growth to a greater extent. This fashion company has more number of showrooms in different countries. And they are very keen in designing the best attire for athletic and yoga needs. Apart from apparels, they are also manufacturing the best quality yoga accessories which will be the best choice for the people who are searching for a healthy lifestyle.

Customer satisfaction

The main reason for why Lululemon is in peak when compared to their competitive company is they understand the needs of the users and prefer to make their designs accordingly. This is the reason why they frame separate designs for both men and women. The designers in this company understand the body structure and nature of both men and women in order to design the most comfortable apparels for them. Initially the company manufactured yoga apparels for women. After the great success in this launch, they showed attention on sports apparels and yoga accessories. In each and every stage of its growth, the company showed greater attention in satisfying all their customers at the best. Even though they experienced ups and downs in their company’s growth, the team has never give up their effort.

The team

When the company was launched the first CEO Wilson was very cautious in developing the most effective team. They also handled various hassles for putting their entire team into work. The designers in this company are well aware the needs of the athletes. They were able to differentiate the needs of men from women. Hence they use specific features in designing men and women’s apparels. The most important thing is the designers here are sweat minded. Many of the designers are also athletes. Hence the output of such an effective team came out well in the market. Even after a great success, the team doesn’t stop making innovations in their work. To reveal the fact, their creativity is highly increasing day by day.

Share value

As Lulu is a commodity company, their share values were higher. The founder of this company Chip Wilson is the major shareholder. As a major shareholder, Wilson is being observing lululemon share price in the market constantly. Even after his resignation, he showed more interest in knowing what Lulu is doing. The major shares in his hand are also a reason behind this. Because of this continuous effect and attention towards company and its growth, Wilson is considered to be the main reason behind the success. And today, he is active even in online. He is sharing all his views and share fluctuations of Lulu in his online website. Referring his website will provide a different view of seeing Lulu and its growth.

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