Laying The Draw: Tips And Tricks To Help You Make You Win


The one sport that attracts spectators from everywhere around the world is football. It is for this reason that football betting is also very popular.  Laying the draw is perhaps one of the simplest and famous trading strategies related to football. As long as you have a clear set of plans in your mind, you would be able to place your bets and win maximum of them. Even as a newcomer, with just a bit of practice, you would surely be able make some good money.

But, how can you lay the draw? Well, if you are going to try your hands on this for the first time, you must completely understand what it is all about.

Lay the Draw: How does it Work?

This method of betting is perhaps the easiest. All you need to do here is place your bet here in such a way so as to avoid the draw. In case your pick matches the general criteria, your percentage of winning can go higher than 70%. It is for this reason that there are innumerable punters who are involved in this kind of betting to make a living for themselves.

Is Laying the Draw Profitable?

Lay the draw method is mostly used in-play. Being one of the most popular methods and most people using this strategy, the edge does slightly fade away. The key to make a good profit here is to focus on the match selection. Betting on low profitable matches would more than often result in a disaster.

Therefore, you need to put in a lot of effort and research about the each and every aspect of laying the draw and then sticking to the market with just enough money accessible in order to trade out.

Tips to Lay the Draw

Listed below are a few tips which you can follow and increase your chances of winning.

  • Match Selection is Essential: If you have ever played poker, you would know that it doesn’t make sense to make a raise without knowing what the probability is of finding a good hand. Spend sufficient time in researching as to how the team that you want to bet on performs in different scenarios.

You would want to consider if the teams playing the game have had any draws in the recent time. Or, if the teams had played with each other in the past and in case they did, find out their score too. Also, keep a check on the average time taken by the team to score a goal.

  • Lay the score and draw at Halftime: You win the bet automatically if the ball finds the net. When your favourite team scores, you could either wait for the final whistle or choose to cash out. However, what if additional goals are scored when you have laid the bet already and the match is about to finish? In such situations, letting the bet run would be the best option.

The key to making a maximum profit is to invest your time in researching. As long as you are putting in the effort, there are high chances that you would be the winner.

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