Latest technology trends in washing machines


Nowadays, washing machines do not rely on hard work. Instead, smart work is the need of the hour. The buyers are also conscious enough to buy washing machines that are integrated with intelligent features. To facilitate your shopping, we have listed some of the latest technology trends in washing machines from around the world.

The best fully automatic washing machine is nowadays equipped with innovative features – and the innovation has not stopped yet. Have a look at the intelligent washing machines that are here to revolutionize the washing mechanism.

Stain Detection and Removal

The washing procedure is generally focused on removing stains from the clothes. Sometimes, the stains can be stubborn enough to give you a tough time. Due to evolution in technology, stain removal features have been incorporated for better functioning of washing machines.

For example, AEG has developed AEG Ultrasonic Stain Remover Pen that detects and loosens the stain particles for instant removal during washing. Moreover, AEG app assists you in determining the type of fabric, amount of detergent and water, duration and level of washing cycle, and so on.

Detergent Auto Refilling

Dealing with the detergent can be a cumbersome task. Sometimes the detergent stock is running low and you are not aware of the situation. To avoid these instances, the manufacturers have come up with intelligent features.

These include auto-detection feature and auto-refilling feature. The former intimates about the remaining quantity of the detergent while the latter manages detergent usage according to the requirement. Companies like Bosch, Siemens, Haier, and others utilize this technology. Not only this, you can let the app order automatically when required.

Environment Conservation

Intelligent functioning supports environment conservation and the buyers are showing interest in appliances integrated with green technology. These washing machines adjust the duration of the washing cycle, amount of detergent, amount of water, temperature, etc to optimize the washing procedure.

A perfectly synchronized cycle will impact the environment in the least harmful manner. Manufacturers, such as Bosch, have developed washing machines incorporating this technology. For example, Bosch Vision washing machine curates an environment-friendly washing load for you.

Steam Washing

To avoid wrinkles and to remove stains, steam can play a major role. Hence, technologically-oriented washing machines are incorporating steam cycles to manage clothes with efficiency.

Not only this, you can club the steam cycles with other washing mechanisms for maximum benefits. For example, Electrolux Front Load Washer offers 13 cycle options. The steam mode can be activated in any of these cycle options.

LCD Touch Screens

Combining the intelligence of a gadget with the powerful functioning of a washing machine can produce impressive results. For example, consider Whirlpool Vantage washer that has a vibrant LCD touch screen as the management control. You can adjust all the wash settings on the interface. Moreover, USB connectivity facilitates regular app updates. The LCD screen displays all information regarding every aspect of the washing machine.

Health Friendly

Some of the washing machine users are allergic to dust particles or pet dander. Washing machines cannot identify the allergens and remove them effectively. But LG Ultra-Capacity Steam Washer is an exception in this case. The washing machine is capable of removing 95% of the common household allergens.

You can witness tremendous development with respect to the laundry products, washing machines being one of them. Stabilization technology assists in diminishing the noise and clutter with the appliance. It supports smooth functioning without creating a ruckus.

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