Keep check on your skin


Cleansing is very much important for your skin. You always need to wash your face properly whenever you come back home from outside. This removes the dirt and pollution from your skin and makes it look fresh. It is a good idea to wash and moisturise your skin every night before you go to bed.

One can use clean natural face cleanser to wash their faces on a regular basis as they are not so hard on skin. Also after washing them, you need to moisturise them. Use a cream and a lotion that suits your skin type. Also try to use water based moisturisers a night as they are light on skin.

No matter, where you go, if you are going out in the sun always use a proper sun screen. In tropical countries one needs to use at least a high SPF 30 so that they can save their skin from getting tanned or getting damaged. Also re apply the sun screen every 2 hours to keep them working. To avoid sweat, it is a good idea to use a waterproof sun screen.

Sugar is a perfect exfoliation for your skin. You have to take same portions of white and brown sugar and then mix a little amount of water/. Then you have to apply this mix on your skin and rub gently for at least 3 to 4 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. It not only exfoliates the skin but also makes it look youthful.

Eat healthy to keep your skin healthy. This is the main thing that one has to keep in mind. Diet always shows in the skin. Have fresh and seasonal fruits everyday and try to eat a lot of fresh vegetables. Avoid oily and road side food the most as they are not good for your stomach. If you do not have a clear digestion process, it will show on your skin.

One can also use oatmeal mask once in 2 weeks because this is a perfect exfoliator and it helps one to get rid of dead skin cells.  It also removes the dirt and deposits from your face. It unclogs the pores and reduces the chance of pimple and acne breakouts. Also milk is a natural moisturiser and it provides a soft and smooth skin.

One can always try and take some Vitamin E and Vitamin C supplements if they think it is okay to intake them. This will ensure that your skin look strong and it can maintain the elasticity of it. Both these vitamins can produce collagen which in turn helps the skin to remain supple and young for a longer time.

One can buy best natural face cleansers online or else they can try and make them at home. Homemade cleansers are always a good idea because they do not have any chemicals or impurities in it and so they work the best. Also one can make the cleansers at home which are best suitable for their skin type.

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