The IPPC is set to take place in Lagos, Nigeria


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a renowned man of God who has dedicated his life to preaching the good news of Christ all over the world. He has preached and brought a lot of people to Christ through his various ministry. The healing school, that he started, has helped him perform miracles all over the world through faith. He heals the sick and advises people to place their trust in God in order to receive healing. Apart from healing, he began the Rhapsody of realities which is how they reach out to people in different nations. They have distributed over two hundred and fifty million copies which have been published using different languages. The Rhapsody of realities focuses on providing daily texts from the Bible accompanied by a confession or prayer. People have been advised to use this texts to their advantage by Pastor Chris.

There are people who have assisted Chris Oyakhilome in his preaching of the Gospel. These people include financial investors and the ones who influence his preaching in various ways. The International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference, IPPC, 2017 that will be held in Nigeria, Lagos specifically, will be a way of bringing these people together. The ministers who are under the BLW Nation will also be in attendance. The manifestation that will be present in this conference according to various people will be magnificent. It will last for a week, from the 13th-19th of November. Inspirational and motivational talks will be given by Pastor Chris. Preaching will be the main agenda of the conference but there is also a session that has been set aside to appreciate the ministers who assist the ministries that Chris leads. He intends that the week will be a motivation to the ministers for their coming work in the next year. The ministers will be encouraged to keep up the good work as they reach out to bring more people to Christ.

The Conference is internationally recognized. The people who will physically make it to the Conference will be in Lagos, the LoveWorld Convocation Arena. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has made sure that even the ones who will not make it to Lagos will not miss out on an opportunity to learn from the conference. He has allocated various viewing areas globally to assist in spreading the Gospel for the ones who will be interested in listening. It cannot be emphasized enough on the importance of attending this conference. On the last day of the International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference 2017, a communal service will be held to wind up the conference. All will be able to attend through live streaming or physical attendance.

The conference is to let the people know that there is hope for the future and what people do to spread the Gospel makes a change. Awards will be given to the people who have made an impact in spreading the gospel. This will serve as an encouragement for the ministers of the Gospel. The conference also targets to equip the people in ministries with further knowledge to perform their task of preaching more efficiently. Chris continues to be an encouragement and inspiration to the nations he serves through his love for Christ and the Gospel. As the days to the conference near, people are waiting with high anticipation and hope that they will be able to get the most out of it. The Pastor encourages people to pray with faith and keep equipping themselves with the word of God in order to prosper. He continues with his healing ministry and preaching of the Gospel as he strives to continue winning souls for Christ globally.

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