Inositol: An Essential Group B Vitamin with its Benefits and Risk Involved


Inositol; a type of Vitamin B is known as a useful supplement for the brain. This vitamin B8 is found in various food grains; nuts; fruits and bean. It not only  possess the ability to fight traits of anxiety; depression and panic attack but also plays an active role to cut down your cholesterol level burning down the extra fat of the body. Although the kidney produces nearly 2 grams of Inositol; it is also necessary to consume food and supplements which help in producing adequate amount of this group B vitamin.  With the growing development in the field of science and technology; many supplements for Inositol are available in the market. But are they safe for consumption? This question might be haunting you. This article provides you  answer to all your queries.

Benefits of taking Inositol

Group B vitamins act as mood boosters. They are available in the chemist shops in form of pills combined with Vitamin B-complex which are prescribed by doctors to control skin disease like psoriasis. Are they reliable enough to take causing no effects? This is a common question which all of you might be looking for. Inositol supplements producing Inositol for your body needs are clinically tested with no observed side effects. It is recommended by doctors to those who suffer from depression and mood fluctuation leading to anxiety as they are the best mood enhancers.

How does Inositol help in the functioning of your body?

Blood derives Inositol when it is taken in the form of supplement or non-food grain. The blood uses it for getting the cell walls of the body strong; burning down excess fat into useful elements for the benefit of the tissues and transportation of lipids. Participating in the transmission of neurotransmitter serotonin by unblocking the calcium present in the brain; Inositol uplifts the functioning of the brain. Deficiency of Inositol leads to bipolar dysfunction and enhancer of Depression. It also causes energy loss making you feel lazy and irritated.

Risk of side effect

For those looking to start with the dosage of Inositol; it makes feel good to announce that this group B vitamin is verified with no observed side effects. However; the worse side effect which is noted with the adverse used of Inositol; is a bit of stomach trouble associated with diarrhea. Being a water soluble vitamin; the body expels excess content of Inositol before it turns out to prove toxic for the body. In fact you have consumed tons of this vitamin without even knowing about it as they are associated with your food grains.

Supplements that can be combined with Inositol

Inositol supplements are 100% safe even if you take them with other supplements. Not only are they but chemists have also stated them the perfect complement for the benefit of the body. Inositol if taken with Choline supplement; is the best for your body. Choline; which is a similar compound like Inositol; is known to be the precursor for neurotransmitter Acetylcholine which helps in enhancing cognitive activities like easy learning and retaining it by developing your memory.  Inositol can also be combined with Aniracetam and Sulbutiamine for getting rid of depression and with Caffeine; to get rid of extra weight.

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