Information and facts about different drug tests


You can go to for purchasing all kinds of drug tests, but the one thing that you should know, is all the facts about the different drug tests that you can use on your employees or even at schools. The more information you are going to have about the drug tests, the better you will understand the drug tests. And, you will be able to know which one you should choose for your employees or for the students. Here are some information about the different drug tests that you can consider:

On site drug tests

Most employers and school principals are choosing the on-site drug tests. And, with good reason. With this type of drug tests, you are going to be able to get the results immediately, depending on the type of test that you decide on.

Some of the on-site drug tests do need to be sent away for testing, but with the pipettes and alcohol drug tests you can get the results within minutes.

Laboratory drug tests

Most of the time, laboratory drug tests are being done at the laboratory or in the presence of a doctor or medical personnel. However, there are some of the on-site drug tests that you can take at the work place or at school, but it is getting send off to a laboratory for testing.

With these drug tests, you will know that they are the most accurate and you can get tested on a variety of substance abuse. The on-site tests are only testing the most common substance abuse.

Hair drug testing

Some workplaces and professions are requiring that you should stay drug-free for a very long time. And, because most of the drug tests are just visible for a couple of weeks, you might find a negative result, but this doesn’t mean that the worker is absolutely clean.

This is where the hair drug testing comes in. With this type of testing, you can find all kinds of substance in the hair strands that are going to be positive for months.

These three drug testing methods are the three most common ways of testing for any substance abuse. It is essential that you are aware about all the facts about these testing methods. This is to ensure that you are choosing the method that is best for the workplace and for you, personally. The more information you have about drug testing, the better you will be able to choose the right method for everyone.

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