Google Pixel 2 – Release date, Price, and specifications


Despite the fact that we can hardly expect the output of the next flagship smartphone from Google this year, I want to reflect on what will be the new smartphones Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. The company has established itself well with its line of smartphones the Nexus, and recently decided to present a more premium device according to the modern trends. Of course, we are talking about Google Pixel and larger Google Pixel XL.

These are two high-quality smartphone that target the same market segment as the iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7. It was a good attempt to regain market share from competitors, but the company encountered some problems and was not able to make a really decent response to Apple and Samsung. However, Google has always learns from its mistakes, and Pixel 2 would have to surpass the previous model.

Google Pixel 2 Release Date and price

Since Google Pixel released in October 2016 is expected to renew a year later – in October 2017. Despite the fact. That this line of smart phones is new, it is based on in the Nexus, which will no longer be produced. Nexus line of smartphones traditionally appeared in October of each year. Senior vice president of Google’s hardware technology Rick Osterloh confirmed Pixel output this year, but the exact date is not announced.

Some sources claim that the new model will cost more than the predecessor. Hopefully, this rumor does not justify itself. First Pixel cost 649 dollars, and the version of the XL – 769 dollars. If the price tag will be increased, the smartphone will be too expensive.

News and rumors about Google Pixel 2

According to some rumors the smartphone can get a curved display, if it comes at the end of this year. Google wants to order a curved display from LG Display Company. Under the assumption of the latter, they will be used for Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

New smartphones can be performed in a waterproof housing. According to the chief editor 9to5Google, Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL can be immersed in water. We also learned that the hardware becomes more powerful smartphones that can justify the increase in the cost of these devices. Then 9to5Google steel showed that Google is currently digging fiscal 9to5Google tests, the characteristics of which have deteriorated on the contrary, will drop accordingly, and its cost. Later these rumors were refuted. Quite possibly, a budget smartphone from Google will be released, which has nothing to do with Pixel line.

Specifications Pixel 2

These characteristics correspond to the latest generation of flagship smartphones, so they look very real. According to rumors, all three phones will be powered by Snapdragon 835. But this is not so impressive performance, especially when you consider that Pixel 2 will be more soon. The benchmarks also pointed out that this smartphone using Android O operating system we expect to see it with the release of Pixel2.

The company is actively developing new technologies for the cameras. Perhaps, Google Pixel 2 is equipped with a new camera, or the developers decide to install the sensor on the previous 12.3 MP.

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