The Five Unwritten Etiquette and Rules of Flying


Are you a polite passenger or are you the obnoxious one causing discomfort to the others?

Follow these simple flight etiquette tips to create a pleasing experience for all!

Come on let’s admit it. While airlines are trying their best to woo passengers by offering them a wide array of luxuries and on-page board amenities, flying is increasingly becoming a test on your nerves.

From passengers who act like they’re royalty to downright selfish ones, ridiculously cramped spaces and tempers running high, aircrafts are potential zones of arguments waiting to happen.

Be it a short Delhi to Dubai flight, or a long Delhi to Singapore flight or ultra-long Mumbai to Canada flight, flying with passengers like these can become stressful and torturous.

However, you can make the journey stress-free not only for your fellow passengers but also for yourself by practicing these common etiquette tips.

#1: Don’t Hold up the Security Line

Flight etiquettes begin even before you board the aircraft. Start by planning ahead. Instead of holding the line while you rummage through your pockets and empty hundreds of stuff in the X-ray machine, put all your stuff in a bag before you reach the head of the line. Remove your coat, shoes and take out your laptop.

Also, when your belongings come out after scanning, pick them up quickly and move to a corner so that you don’t block the path of the people behind you. You can then start wearing your coat and shoes.

#2: Don’t overload the Overhead Bin

As more and more airlines are charging fees for checked-in baggage, passengers are resorting to bigger carry-on luggage. However, make it a practice to carry just one or two cabin luggage. If you have two pieces of luggage, place only one in the overhead bin and the other one under the seat in front of you.

Also, don’t make it a habit to opening the overhead bin often during the flight, thereby blocking the path for other passengers. Have all that you require with you before you stow your cabin baggage in the bin.

Remember that the overhead bin above your seat is to be shared with other passengers and crew, so be considerate when packing it. Don’t occupy other’s space by placing your bags horizontally.

#3: Switch off your Electronic Equipment when Asked To


While the ban of electronic equipments during takeoff and landing may feel a bit absurd, that doesn’t mean you have to skip doing so. Don’t give a hard time to the crew by not following the rule. Making them repeatedly come over to your seat, requesting you to switch off not only delays precious time but is plain rude.

The same applies to your window shades. Listen to the crew and open or close it as requested.

#4: If you Recline, Do it Politely

To recline or Not? This is a debate of major proportions and with no proper conclusion. While there’s no arguing the fact that you have paid for the seat and you have the right to recline, make sure to do it politely. Give a heads up to the passenger behind you so that they can adjust their tray and other equipment.

And, don’t forget to stay upright during meals.

#5: Asking for What’s Not Allowed

While buying an air-ticket entitles you to certain rights, it certainly does not give you the right to harass the cabin crew by asking them for what’s not allowed. Be it asking for more alcohol than what you can handle or roaming around the cabin when the seatbelts sign is on can become strenuous for not just the cabin crew but also the fellow passengers. Also, some airlines like Kuwait Airways, Saudi Airlines and a few others do not serve alcohol; asking alcohol on-board such flights will not only cause trouble to everyone on board but may also hurt religious sentiments of people flying with you.

The list of etiquette rules listed here aren’t exhaustive in any way. There are several other tips like, “Get up only during convenient times”, “Don’t force the company of your fellow passengers”, “Treat the crew with respect and not like your personal attendants” and plenty more.

Above all, remember that don’t do anything that your conscious wouldn’t approve of.

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