Features and know how about a plier


Considering more know how about pliers before making a decision? If you flip through the pliers suppliers India you are likely to make a correct decision.

If you are planning to tighten something, it is round, flat or is it an electrical component. It needs tightening so that it does not taper off or disjoint another component. Maybe it needs to hold something in place. The shape of the plier jaws does assume importance.

All-purpose pliers

As per pliers suppliers India one of the most sought out category. It proves to be a multipurpose tool that has three major functions.  Pinching of flat components, cutting along with holding of round items.

Nose pliers

Would  pave way for moderate tightening in difficult type situations. They are available with tapered and round jaws.

Vice grip

Locks and tightens various components. It works better if you want to keep your hands off while working on a work bench

If you are planning to remove a stubborn nail you are going to need a Russian pincer that proves to be a traditional tool. They offer more or less a precise cut.

It could be possible that you are aware of the type of plier you need but is there anything to consider

Once you are clear on your needs, the below mentioned features needs to be considered

  • Size- what is the effort you might need to cut or tighten. The strength of your hands comes into foray. With longer hands your efforts will be saved as they are going to increase the leverage. You could also consider the small jaws to be efficient as well.  The need to choose pliers would depend upon the format of the task with the degree of precision you are going to need.
  • Ease to use- it all depends on how much importance you lay to the comfort along with smooth functioning and what is the time frame you are planning to use the tool. If you use it regularly you would want one guaranteed for regular usage. The protective features increase the life span.
  • Materials- the materials that are put to use for pliers does have considerable say in the quality of cut. Hardness is an important point in the choice of your tools. The harder a metal is the more value it derives.  A word of caution though as hard metals can be brittle. For tightening tools the quality of material is also important.
  • Guarantees- there are certain brands that provide you with lifetime warranty. So even if your tools give up they will sort it out. If this does come at a premium you might seriously think about it.

To conclude, the closer to the pivot, the pliers can exert great force. The greater leverage means long handles. If you are planning to work with wood, then Russian pincers are a necessity. Before you are going to make a decision consider the quality. Pincers and pliers are very important for anyone who is interested in undertaking work at home.

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