Facts About the Immune System in Pregnancy That You Didn’t Know


The immune system of the mother when she is pregnant undergoes a lot of flux consistently. So, if you are in your term of pregnancy there are certain things that you should know about your immune system and how it is going to affect your pregnancy. You will also know about medicine immunology in pregnancy.

Fact 1 – The role of an immunological barrier is played by the placenta

The placenta, as you might already be knowing, acts as a connection between the mother and the baby. It is through the placenta that everything passes. It allows blood and even nutrients to flow from the body of the mother to the baby. But the placenta itself also manufactures hormone and these hormones help to protect the baby. But the action of these hormones is active against bacteria but cannot harm viruses.

Fact 2 – The uterus does not treat the fetus as a foreign substance although technically it should

This is a very less commonly known fact. The body of human beings is designed to reject anything that is foreign and is also designed to attack those foreign substances but the same treatment is not done to fetuses. Have you ever wondered why? This is because of the presence of chemokines. These are special proteins that have the ability to turn off some parts of the immune system that could have harmed the fetus. However, some pregnancies are not always successful leading to miscarriages.

Fact 3 – Chronic conditions can get improved during pregnancy

One of the most common chronic conditions that can get better during pregnancy is the rheumatoid arthritis. This is mainly because of the hormones that are released during pregnancy. Some other women have reported that their problem of psoriasis, which is an incurable skin condition, got better during pregnancy. Many pregnant women who have multiple sclerosis have reported the same about their symptoms going down. So, pregnancy hormones can really do some wonders.

Fact 4 – Cancer during pregnancy can be kept under control

Pregnant women do not face cancer that commonly but when it happens, it can make things complicated. But if the cancer is detected in a prior stage, you can keep it under control so that your fetus is not affected. Medicine for oncology while pregnant is present and your doctor will give you the best treatment methods. Some of the most common cancers detected during pregnancy are breast cancer, cervical cancer, melanoma and thyroid cancer.

Fact 5 – A child need not get HIV if the mother has it

This is one of the things that is not known and mothers often think that their HIV is transmittable to the child. But the transmission can be stopped. The risks are great but with the right intervention, the risks can be reduced.

So, if you are pregnant and thinking about your immune system, don’t worry there are many ups and down that can come because your body will be going through a surge of hormones. But then again your body is designed to endure it all.

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