EarPods headphones – an amateur decision by Apple, to discontinue from iPhone 9


They sit, as it seemed, not very comfortable, but this moment is subjective, some, on the contrary, they are very popular for planting. Sound good to complete the headset, you can talk to them, using calls to FaceTime, Skype or during regular telephone calls. Apple iPhone 9 Plus equipped with stereo speakers – the sound comes through the hole to the right of the Lightning connector, and at the same time from the earpiece above the screen. Quite unexpected combination, but sonorous, impossible to miss a call.

We proceed to the description of the chamber, more precisely, the cameras, because the rear there are two 12-megapixel module. The cameras differ from each other: one with aperture f / 2.8, the second with the f / 1.8, the first – telephoto, and the second – a classic, wide-angle. iPhone 9 Plus is the first Apple smartphone with a two-fold optical zoom, zoom objects can be without loss of quality, at least in theory. Apple would not be a, if not imposed restrictions. Do you want to shoot with Zoom, please, only in low light conditions automatically switches the smartphone with a telephoto lens on a camera with a second aperture optics, believing, apparently, that no other way to “pull” picture. Does this fix in a future firmware? Wait and see. But while aware that reveal the possibility of a second camera with optical zoom is possible only in good light. And here too there are subtleties. To use the zoom switch is required to click on the icon with the main camera on the extra. And if you use a customized approach the scale, again triggered the digital zoom, so that the optical – or twice, or no. The presentation also showed unusual for smart phones portrait mode, promising to add it to iOS 10.1. At the time of release of the review has not taken place, but it can test volunteers, putting beta. Doubt to try it or not, we did not, so here are some examples of how a smartphone does, “booked”.

Of course, for owners of DSLR-cameras with a fleet of high-quality fixed-lens is sophomoric, but for smartphones – leap forward. It turns out beautifully, besides the usual smartphone does take a picture with a blurred background, easy to appreciate the difference immediately. Most effectively the regime shows itself during the day of shooting, and at night or in low light quality of these images strongly falls – a lot of noise.

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