Doda barfi – The delicious and best sweet for special occasions


Doda barfi, since from its inception, has enjoyed the position as the best and delicious sweet for Diwali and other occasions where the sweets play the supreme role. Origin of this excellent sweet is said to be in Punjab and Mathura in Uttar Pradesh.

Super selection for any special occasion

There is no doubt that there are several kinds of burfis. But when you look for a special sweet that perfectly spice up the tone and mood of special occasion, then you should get doda barfi recipe. This delicious and rich Punjabi sweet is made mainly with simple ingredients – mawa, ghee, nuts and jaggery. It is not a tiring process to make it in the home. There is no doubt everyone will love this yummy treat.


Doda barfi can be made in different choices with slight changes in the ingredients and some optional ingredients. Make use of sugar instead of jaggery to give smooth colour instead of hard colour. It is also a good idea to include saffron strand and cardamom powder to get a unique taste for the sweet. Pieces of coconut and milk can also be added to try different choices and tastes in doda burfi.

Long-lasting taste

It takes a little longer time to make it. Forget it since you make it for special ones in the special occasions. It is also the all-time favourite sweet for most of the people. The sweet is so popular in North India and is also equally loved by the South Indians also. This excellent sweet is loaded with nice nuts and it tastes heavenly. It is really impossible to keep distance from this sinful desert once you have tasted it. Yes, the taste is simply long lasting. This is the best sweet to share respect, love, care, romance and any of the good feelings that last for long with a touch of sweetness.

Special for the next festival

Make doda burfi the special for the next festival. Yes, with easily available ingredients and simple to prepare steps, you can be free from the visit to nearby sweet corner. Get the best homely sweet for your dear and nears. Richness of the nuts makes it really a healthy sweet for everyone.  This is the best way to serve the love in the form of sweet. Its traditional values keep this sweet in the top of list in all of the occasions.

Keep it for days

Yes, this sweet keeps its delicious taste for more than 10 days in room temperature. It is said as the Indian version of milk fudge. It can be made with extreme softness so that it gets melts in the mouth. The sweet remains tasty for long time if it is refrigerated. Make your beloveds to feel heavenly taste with each bite of this sweet. Spend some time in your kitchen to get the best sweet that keeps the taste for several days.

So what is next? How to make doda barfi will be your next question. Get the recipe and make the best sweet for the special events.

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