Discover the experiences that patients have in our rehabilitation center


The experience that patients of our houses of rehabilitation can get, is that they will be able to share unique experiences of the lives of every one of your coworkers who want to share their stories. They can also get in touch with nature and that is another one of the wonderful experiences that you are going to have in your life, waking up every morning and listen to the waves of the sea, feel the breezes of the morning on their faces when they are receiving their yoga and meditation classes will be something they will never forget.

Another of the experiences that patients of our houses of rehabilitation are to carry with them, is that they can receive personalized treatments to overcome their problems with the various addictions and at the same time may go discovering new ways to have fun in a healthy way. Near our houses of Discoveryhouses rehabilitation will find truly amazing sites that work in conjunction with our center, between these sites you will find:

  • Shopping Centers.
  • Amusement Parks.
  • Horilla hotels to the sea where every night there are campfires and fun nasa.
  • Also you will find different activities that can be performed in the open air, as it is: receive a class of surfing, hiking, marathons. Etc.

Each and every one of these sites above are strictly prohibited the sale of alcohol and foods that contain alcohol or other substances that may affect the process of rehabilitation of our patients. That is why we say that our houses of rehabilitation are the perfect place for people who want to detoxify your body completely and get to know a new lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol, may well come here and enjoy the wonders of life.

Each of the activities that they perform in our rehabilitation center will be new experiences, which only you will be filled with positive energy, but above all they will provide new tools to have fun and enjoy healthy, without the need to resort to alcoholic beverages or volatile substances simply by feel in the environment. Here in Discoveryhouses will not find anything that affects them in the recovery process and that you can be completely safe.

We’re known for being a center of aid 100% committed and focused on the well-being of our patients in this arduous process of detoxification. So, we invite you to contact us through e-mails available on this website and thus prepare your stay with us.

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