Dinner Ideas for New Year’s Eve


Christmas is a special time, where memories are made with the loved ones, followed by New Year’s Eve which is the next day. Food is a great form of distractor, it is just a reason to get everyone together at one table and enjoy. Where the main event is arranged around dinner, which moves on to games, dance, and carol singing or karaoke, and drinks, making a perfect evening.

In today’s world, getting all under one-roof is a difficult task, so take the full advantage of this dinner by having the best recipes for New Year’s Eve and make the most of it. This one day in the year is when you can surely know that no excuse or work will come in between the dinner. So put your laptops and phones away, and help around to decorate and cook the perfect meal. Although to have a perfect evening with delicious meals can be stressful, but don’t fret and try out these amazing dishes.

  • Sausage stuffed with mushrooms

This is an Italian sweet sausage dish with peppers and onions, where you can also add some cheese to it. It is a perfect mushroom dish to have for New Year’s Eve, with savoury and sweet filling.

  • Champagne with Jelly Flutes

Drinks are a definite yes during Christmas time, so why not make it fancy and interesting? To make the bubbles floating in Champagne add some jellies to it, where you need to keep your liquids cold, so that jelly gelatin sets in before those bubbles start to dissolve. You can also add raspberry as it helps create extra bubbles.

  • Bourbon and Pear Pie

A sweet dish is a must on New Year’s Eve, so why not have something different than usual chocolate or strawberry cakes? This pie is great in taste, with vanilla and caramel flavours with bourbon, making a perfect combination to those Bosc pears. You can make it look more eventful or celebratory with having the top crust in star cut-out shape with shimmery sugar dusted all over it.

  • Pot Roast

This is a classic dish to have on New Year which is easy to cook and is slowly roasted. It is a perfect dish where you have more people coming over, where one can ass bay leaf, beef broth, chopped garlic, thyme sprigs, and red wine, with some potatoes and carrots.

  • Waffles

Dessert is never enough on New Years’ Eve, so have variety of them prepared as everyone is going to enjoy it the most. Waffles are a great idea as it can be topped with several sauces, creams, and fruits.

There are several types of food which tend to bring luck as well, which many people believe in and prepare their meal accordingly such as grapes, pork, pomegranate, greens, lentils, cake, etc. You should be grateful to the person preparing all the meals as it is surely a challenging task, as the dinner has to be prepared for everyone. So include these dishes in your New Year dinner party or gathering and enjoy the time being.

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