Complementing products with shower curtains for a beautiful bathroom décor


Home décor is an art, be it about the bedroom or bathroom. Just like any other room décor, bathrooms too demand the perfect combination of accessories for the best look. For example, the shower curtains are a primary requirement for bathroom décor. But, only hanging a curtain can’t provide a finishing look to the bathroom unless you have arranged the complementing accessories for it; no matter how beautiful the curtain is. Given below are some of the finest recommendations in this regard.

A floral print curtain with a flower pot of the same colour:

You don’t need to get confused much about the flower curtain design. Even if nothing comes into the mind, you can go for the floral prints. These ideas have always been effective for the bathrooms of all size. Flowers look good irrespective of the tile colour. For the perfect combination or to give that finishing touch, you may put a nice flower pot, with the flower of the same colour as of that printed on your shower curtains. It would make your bathroom décor look complete.

Leafy chains around the bar:

Room décor is a matter of creativity. You have to always look for the ways that would add a distinguishing effect on the overall décor. Same is the case about shower curtains as well. While lighting, adding glossy effects, etc. has gone too conventional, you may try this fresh concept.

You may wrap the plastic leaf threads can be easily availed from the market, around your curtain surface. Leaf colour can combine with most of the colours used for the shower curtains. To be specific, it would look fantastic with the white curtains. Things can be even enchanting if the tile colour is also white.

A small table for your towels:

You don’t need to be always artistic in regards to shower curtains ideas. Nice design ideas can also pop-up by being a little logical. For example, you have to look for your favourite towel soon after finishing your shower session. Hanging the towels through a wall stand is too traditional and old fashion. You can rather arrange a small cute table for the same. Keep the table height maximum of two feet.

Don’t make the table perfectly symmetrical or square size. Go for the oval shaped, or you may go for the curvy legs as well in the pursuit of trying something different. Anyway, it would add the perfect accompanying effect upon being placed on the sides of your shower curtains. It would be even better if the towel colours match with your curtain colour.

Combine with a mirror for a sparkling effect:

It can be another smart idea for a beautiful combination. If you are too confused about the shower curtains colour that would combine with the wall colour or tiles well, hanging a nice fancy mirror would be the smartest recommendation. Having something glassy would add the sparkling effect as well. In fact, the first sight one would love to have after coming out of the bathtub is indeed a mirror.


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