“Chris Oyakhilome”


Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian pastor who leads the Christ Embassy mission. He is the founding President of Believer’s Loveworld Incorporated in Lagos. He is a popular spiritual leader who is recognized all around the world.

 He has an honorary degree from Alli University and hold ministry and conferences in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ghana, South Africa, and Nigeria. Pastor Chris has written over 20 books. One of the books titled “Rhapsody of Realties,” is a devotional read which is available for download in over 143 countries, on Android, and Apple. He also empowers young Africans, through Future Africa Leaders Awards, which is an initiative aimed to demonstrate leadership through mentoring, leadership and education. Additionally, he has a mission to aid the sick, dispossessed, and poor all around the world. His mission has been operated for over 30 years, where he has helped heal the sick and helped men and women become delivered from poverty.

 Pastor Chris is scheduled to lead a crusade in Zimbabwe this spring, where he will make history. He will conduct communion with over 75,000 people at the National Sports Stadium in Harare. It will also be broadcasted live, where he will address a crowd of saints who are hungered for God’s word. The program include singing, worshiping from Eben, the Music Ministry, prayer, testimonies, and the praises of God.

 Pastor Chris Oyakhilome will speak to the masses, about how he wants Zimbabwe to be blessed. He will encourage attendees of Zimbabwe, that despite there problems, God will see them through. He encourages them to praise him and expect God to answer their prayers.

 Zimbabwe is located in South Africa and is boarded by Botswana and Zambia. Chris Oyakhilome will speak to the people in Harare, which is the largest region in Zimbabwe. It’s a place which is known to have had kingdoms, major routes for migrations and trade. It’s also a country which has struggled with the poor, sick, has had civil war between 1965- 1979, led the British to take control of their country, salary issues, leadership problems, horrible living conditions, and farming issues. There is also a widespread of violations relating to human rights to shelter, freedom of assembly, food, and assaults on the press.

 Chris Oyakhilome will visit Zimbabwe to pray for their country and bless the nation, through communion and healing. He will offer a divine experience, as he and the attendees will reverence God. The true worship service is made for miracles to happen, the sick to be healed, and it gives individual’s a chance to be inspired.

 Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is the author of many books such as: “Gates of Zion,” “Seven Things The Holy Spirit Will Do For You,” “Healing From Heaven,” “Join the Chariot,” “Prophecy,” “How to Pray Effectively,” “How to Make Faith Work Good,” “The Power of the Tongues,” and there are many other spiritual reads to enjoy.

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