Assessments to be kept for hiring a Java developer


When you decide to hire a developer or any individual with a strong technical background, you need to consider different aspects. Simply analysing them from their abilities and skills that too through personal interview may not be considered to be a right approach. For this, you need to consider an assessment test which would give you a clear insight about the person’s approach with regards to the working environment that you offer. Whether the candidate that you are hiring would be working as an individual or with a team does not matter but what matters is how he represents himself in front of the client at the time of resolving the issues. Here are some of the best assessment solutions that you can inculcate when hiring a person.

Know more about Java developer:

Java is one of the popular languages and java developer is one who would be responsible for designing and coding different websites and applications that would give better user experience.

Types of Assessments to be conducted:

  • Aptitude test:

This should be the primary test that you need to give to the candidate that you choose. The candidate who comes to you for the position of java developer should have extra learning abilities, knowledge to grasp new things, a right communication skills and a personal approach to meet the clients. For this aptitude test such as numerical reasoning and logical reasoning are helpful.

  • Benefits: Such test gives a clear insight about the person’s behavioural pattern and whether he/ she can manage to meet the changing needs of the company that would eventually change with the market in which the company is trying to survive.

Once the person clears this test, you need to shortlist him and take him to the next round of interview which would be technical round.

  • Technical assessment:

The purpose of such test is to analyse how much knowledge one has with regards to the technical coding and language to be used for the application. Since applications are on high demand, the person must have a good experience and knows how to use an efficient strategy with regards to coding and analysing the applications.

  • Benefits: Such test gives you a clear idea on how fast and accurate can be the individual with regards to handling the projects. The project that you may get might be related to use of new coding and languages and with such test you get a clear idea on how active the person can be in responding to such working of the project.

The person who gets shortlisted from both the above mentioned test should then be approached for the personal round interview.

The above assessments are the best options to understand and compare the behavioural and technical pattern of every candidate who comes for the interview. This is one time saving yet money saving solution which eventually reduces the risk of wrong hiring. So many sure whether you hire a candidate, you inculcate the above Java assessment test is your hiring solution. At the end of the day, you are investing money in hiring a resource; it at least needs to be worth the investment.

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