Ask the expert for technical support


The computer has brought a lot of changes to the world. There are also many peripherals that help one to finish different tasks. The printer is one of such machines that are much useful but as ultimately it is a machine it has to suffer from various problems. Some of the problems can be easily solved by the users but there are some areas where the problems are a bit complicated, and in such case, one needs to call an expert only.

In the case of technical issue, one does not need to hesitate to dial printer technical support number as it can prove much helpful. However one must know which the technical issues are so that in such case one does not need to do anything than to call the expert.

  • Check if the printer is On and it is connected: Many times the users forget to switch ON the printer or believe that the printer is switched ON by others and hence try to connect it. In such case, one needs to check if it ON or not. In the case of a new printer, one must install the printer drivers before connecting the printer. In case they are not installed the printer may not get connected and hence one needs to run the printer driver CD first. This may help to resolve the issue.
  • Check the setting in control panel: In many cases, the user may have selected a different printer as a default printer, but he may not be aware of the same. If the printer is not getting connected one must check that if it is the same printer that is selected and it is also installed on the system. One also needs to check that the printer is not paused and hence it may not be able to provide the printouts. This can be checked from the option of printer and devices provided in the control panel.
  • Find the printer: In many cases, the printer is not being detected by the system, and hence he may not be able to connect the printer. One needs to see if the printer is there and if it is in working condition. In case there is no driver for the concerned printer installed on the device one may not be able to detect it hence one needs to install the drivers. If the drivers are installed but still the printer is not able to connect one may need to uninstall the printer and reinstall them as it can help one to connect the printer easily.
  • Try to connect to other devices: There may be a case that the system Wi-Fi is not working and hence it may not be able to connect the printer. In such case, one needs to see if the printer is shown by the Wi-Fi in the list of the devices or not.

There are also problems related to browsers where one needs to ask on call browser support services from the customer care of the concerned service provider.

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