Anadrol- How does it work on your body? Dosage to take Anadrol And its side effects


Anadrol is an anabolic steroid which was initially developed to increase the count of red blood cells in body there by eliminating anemia. It is a second option to Dianabol for body building. It is a cheaper alternative to Dianabol. More recently it has been found to be useful to treat HIV patients also.

How does Anadrol work?

Anadrol promotes weight gain by increasing ones appetite and thus, increasing the count of red blood cells. It also helps to inhibit the production of natural body hormones.

Anadrol helps in increasing weight by 20-30 pounds in a period of 4-6 weeks and so, there is a boost in strength in lifting weights that can be seen in just 30 days. Anadrol helps testosterone to build muscle and thereby increasing ones libido.

Anemia causes tiredness and Anadrol increased the count of red blood cells helping you to do more workouts thus resulting in great muscles and strength.

Anadrol is also used in patients with Osteoporosis which helps in increasing their bone marrow and density.

How to take Anadrol

Anadrol is available in consume in tablet form. The recommended dose is 1-5mg/kg in children and adults per day. Like all anabolic steroids, the dose is personalized as per the body’s acceptance.

Anadrol interacts with some drugs. Hence, tell your doctor of any medicines that you must be taking.

Anadrol should not be taken by pregnant and breast feeding women.

The more you use any steroid, the more will be the weight gain. However, in case of Anadrol, after a certain dose, its effectiveness stops. There are quick gains on using Anadrol. These gains are also lost quickly on stopping the use of Anadrol.

Caution is required when using this drug in children of age below 18 years. X-rays will be recommended by doctors to check the development of bones. Read more at the website

Side Effects:

Common side effects of Anadrol include restlessness, diarrhea, insomnia and breast swelling in men.

On use of Anadrol, one is sure to have Acne and hair loss.

Though Anadrol is an anabolic steroid, it converts into estrogen. This means, side effects of water retention still exist with its use. Hence an estrogen receptor modulator is required in a cycle of Anadrol.

Anadrol passes through liver and hence, it is very toxic to liver. So toxic that it can cause tumors and ruptures. Hence, beginners are advised to take low dose of it and even the more-experienced also should restrict the use of it, rather use it as prescribed only.

Anadrol reduces the testosterone and so the sperm count is reduced. Hence, it is essential to have a post-cycle therapy after the use of Anadrol.

Anadrol is hard on your lipid. It suppresses the HDL (Good Cholesterol) and increases LDL (bad cholesterol) in the body. Hence, heart diseases can occur.

Get medical help immediately if you observe swelling of face, lips, tongue or throat, swelling, pain, urinating problems, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, loss of appetite and Jaundice.

Women may notice change in clitoris, male type of baldness, hair growth in chin and chest areas, changes in their voice, and increase/decrease in sex drive.

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