All about performance enhancers


There is one most important thing that user must understand regarding performance enhancers like steroids. It is not that easy to understand the usage of the steroids. In most cases, it takes long time to completely understand their usage. One can refer steroidly .com for more information.

In case of medical reasons, usage will be observed by medical professionals and the results and effects are well researched. But when it comes to usage for non medical reasons, there is very little research done on steroid usage. So, there is very little scientific information regarding steroids usage for performance enhancement and bodybuilding.

When steroids are used for athletics, bodybuilding, or for performance enhancement, risks may overweigh the benefits. If not used properly, user may end up in serious health issues. That is why before starting, user must do a complete research on their usage.


Steroids must be used in right way especially when they are used for non medical reasons like bodybuilding and performance enhancement. It is important to learn about them and use them in disciplined manner. Users can visit steroidly website for more information.

Medical use of the steroids must be understood first, before using them for non medical reasons. Majority of the steroids are designed for the treatment of specific medical conditions. Using them for other reasons is considered as steroid abuse.

Usually bodybuilders use steroid in cycles. These are nothing but well planned period of time in which steroids are taken in a disciplined way. One more important thing in steroids use is stacking them with other necessary drugs.

But it is true that when steroids are used for performance enhancement there is no way that user can avoid the side effects. One or other way these drugs can cause serious negative effects.

Steroids and bulking:

It is important to understand what the user needs from bulking cycle and then they can decide the steroids. Some users may just want to enhance their performance in gym. Others may be expecting more muscle mass.

If the aim is serious gaining or bulking then steroids which result in just quality muscle or water gain are not sufficient. For healthy adults, steroids like testosterone enanthate are suggested for great bulking cycle. This is considered as the very efficient steroid and it comes with least side effects. This steroid can be used as the base for almost all bulking cycles.

Other than this, users can use few more steroids when the aim is serious bulking. They are

  • Deca Durabolin
  • Anadrol Oxymetholone
  • Dianabol Methandrostenolone
  • Trenbolone Acetate

Steroids for cutting cycles:

Lean physique is the requirement or aim of majority of the users. Everyone like muscular mass but mean time they want lean physique. Even though many users are not preparing them for any competition, they just want to feel and look good.

These types of users can go for cutting cycles. Majority of the anabolic steroids are used both for cutting and bulking cycles. Steroids like testosterone can help in leaning the body as well as it helps in enhancing the strength and mass. Some of the steroids which help in cutting cycles are Turinabol, promobolan, Masterson, Anavar Oxandrolone, Winstrol Stanozolol.

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